Thursday, July 31, 2008

Customizing Administrator’s Access To view Specific Targets (WebLogic) in Enterprise Manager

I got some queries about viewing specific targets from EM Grid Control. For example, you manage/monitor several targets such as databases, application servers, applications, etc from your Grid Control environment and there are different administrators for each of the targets. As an administrator you are responsible for only few targets. For example you are only responsible for few WebLogic servers and you want to view/monitor only those targets from Grid Control. How do you do that?

It’s simple - you have to create a user that has access to only the targets you are interested. Thankfully Grid Control provides role-based access control that you can use for this purpose. Let me assume that you want to create a user named weblogic that has access to only few WebLogic servers and let me walk you thru how to achieve this.

Create an EM user and assign Targets

1. Logon as a super administrator and create a user named weblogic and at step 4 of the user creation, select the targets the users should have access to.

2. You can assign specific privileges on the target e.g. Operator, Full or Viewer as shown below.

3. After you logon as weblogic user and you will see that home page for weblogic users only shows only the number of targets this user has privileges.

Grid Control will show only the Weblogic Servers that the user has privileges.

Customizing the data you want to view

Also as an administrator you want to customize the above view. Click on Customize Table Columns link under the Related Links section and you will get the following screen:

Select the columns/data that you wanted to view and click OK and you will get a customized view as follows:

Hope this helps!

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